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  • Jan182019
    Lana Labs - Team open

    Who are we? – Working at Lana Labs

    Laba Labs is all about authentic corporate culture. Time to take a look behind the curtain and see what it feels like to work with us.

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    Lana Labs
  • Jan142019
    On-Premis vs Cloud Computing

    LANA Cloud vs. LANA On-Premises

    LANA Process Mining in the Cloud or On-Premises? The differences lie in the details! Read here where the versions differ and where the cloud version is leading.

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    Lana Labs
  • Nov072018
    Gartner Trends Technology 2019 – Immersive Experience | Lana Labs

    Gartner Tech Trends for 2019 – With Process Mining into the Future

    Gartner names Process Mining as one of the top 10 tech trends for disruptive technologies in 2019. The prediction: stronger process management and better integration.

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    Lana Labs
  • Oct292018
    Checkliste für erfolgreiche Projekte

    Checklist for successful projects


    How can the full potential of new large-scale projects be realized? We evaluate the most important hard and soft facts and look at how effective project management leads to success.

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