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Our Partners

Lana Labs builds on the expertise of experienced partners in order to offer our customers excellent services around continuous process improvement. Besides a network consisting of consultancies, automation solutions and training providers, Lana Labs has established strong connections in the academic sphere. This way we ensure constant input for innovative developments in the field of process analysis.

Consulting & Training Partners

Together with our partners LANA is in every respect getting the most out of your business processes.

Process Analytics Factory (PAF), Darmstadt

As specialized process mining consultancy, PAF is an important partner supporting our customers with their extensive expertise regarding data transformation and process diagnosis.


TIM Solutions, Munich

With TIM we offer our customers a consulting & solution approach around business process management, with focus on automation and business process control.


BPM&O, Köln

The management consultancy BPM&O offers various services for process oriented corporate management. Within the BPM&O Academy we jointly offer a process mining basics seminar.



The consultancy Minautics supports our projects with their broad industry experience and specialized expertise in value stream management, performance management and process management.


Academic Partners

In cooperation with our academic network we constantly work on innovation around the topics of process mining.

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