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Improve the world – one process at a time.

Feel like working on tough challenges in a really nice team? With LANA Process Mining we are introducing a new generation of process analysis software, that helps companies to automatically x-ray their processes and make them more efficient.

With every license sold, we adopt a magellan penguin in Chile. This applies to our team members as well! In order to grow our colony and to make our cutting-edge Process Mining solution even more successful we are constantly looking for smart people to come and join us!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Lana Labs Team, working, jobs
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Lana Labs Team office highlight 1

As a young software startup, Lana Labs has found its purpose in bringing light into the darkness of the process data with Process Mining, but transparency is a top priority not only for our product but also for us as a company. Instead of scoring with well-known slogans, we want to clear up some buzzwords in the tech industry and show what our hearts really beat for.

Machine Learning

is not a marketing claim for us. Our dedicated development team uses highly complex algorithms to take the analytical power of our process mining software to the next level. We not only refine our code with Scala, Java, Spark and Co., but also take “learning” seriously in our personal development.

Flat Hierarchies

go beyond a beer with the (non-existent) executive floor. Whether you are a founder or an intern, what unites us is important: We are bright, passionate and proud of our work. We promote dialogue instead of lone wolf mentality (even though we do like wolves!). And this in German, English, Spanish, Arabic…

Social Responsibility

is one of our core values, not just PR stunt. We put words into action and are actively committed to making a small contribution to improving the world. The proof: Our ever-growing colony to protect the Magellan penguins in southern Chile.


is essential – in work and communication, externally and internally, in data and processes. In this way we improve the world with every step, with every process, with every team member.

And hopefully soon with you too!