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Lana Labs – Process Mining

Process Mining. Discovery meets Conformance Checking.

LANA’s automated target-actual comparison is leading you into a new age of process management.

Process Discovery

Execution data from processes, so called event-logs, can be easily analyzed and visualized with LANA.

Conformance Checking

LANA automatically compares process models with the event-log-data of the actual processes’s performance. Thereby deviations and saving potential are recognized.


Issues within the processes are uncovered and prioritized, enabling the execution of a fact-based optimization strategy.

LANA Process Mining - Process Analytics efficient as never before.


Process Discovery

LANA enables the simple analysis and visualization of complex events in your business processes by using process mining techniques.

The event-logs of the supporting IT-systems are graphically displayed in process models and show the operational sequences as they are actually performed.

Bottlenecks can be quickly identified, thanks to the integrated performance-view.

Process Conformance

Skipped activities, mistakes or unnecessary rework in processes finally become visible in an easy way: LANA enables the automated analysis of process deviations.

By mechanically linking actual data with target process models, the root causes of issues are identified automatically.

A simple and intuitive visualization of deviations directly on the process model enables you to focus on the essentials.

Targeted Optimization

LANA automatically provides you with a list of deviations in your process. The deviations are prioritized based on their frequency of occurance within the process.

Thereby you can define and execute targeted and foremost fact-based measures for the optimization of your processes.

The impact of optimization activities is being measured continuously. Thus, changes in the processes can be monitored and evaluated over the long-term.

Lana Labs is developing the innovative Process-Conformance-Analytics-Technology and supports businesses with the implementation of a continuous optimization strategy for their processes.

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